Couple of updates to earlier posts.

#1 my PC is still crashing, so it wasn’t the hard disk (although that did need replacing anyway). My DVD burner is pretty shit these days – it never seems to be able to read the DVD’s it burns, so I’ve unplugged that for now, also I’ve unplugged my webcam, reseated the RAM and a general wiggling of cables etc.

It survived 8.5 hours of mprime torture last night, and 2.5 passes with memtest86+ this morning, without the side fans on, so its not CPU/RAM/heat issues.

I’m pretty sure it is dodgey NIC and/or driver, so need that replacement PCIe card to hurry up from ebay-HK. If its not that, then next up is try a new PSU.

#2 I updated to Calibre 0.7.50 using the binary install method (have to remove /opt/calibre/ first) which fixed the issue with not getting the ratings from Amazon. Showed Mum how to use it to upload to her Kindle3 and also how to download from Amazon.

I watched London Boulevard, which was a pretty good tale of a guy just released from prison trying to go straight. Kiera Knightley played an almost pointless role, but Colin Farrell and Ray Winstone were great gangsters as usual; even Anna Friel played a pretty funny drunk.

JtR Jumbo 12 RPM’s

I’ve compiled some RPM’s of John The Ripper 1.7.6 with the jumbo-12 and early-release-md5-gen-v3 patches applied. I can’t get the hmailserver-02 or intrinsics-2 patches to merge nicely, or build reliably even with manual fudgery.

Its got a bit crazy recently with five patches for 1.7.6 after jumbo-12 which are incompatible with each other and the omp-des-7 patch. They really need to be merged into jumbo-13 or even 1.7.7 or preferably ditch patches altogether and work from Git, but apparently this won’t happen.

I’ve also been trying out Nessus 4.4.1 with my custom plugins, which now number around 190.

I watched TRON: Legacy, which I thought was utter rubbish, and in fact Tron was in it for about three minutes. There were some references to the original, but really it was a standalone film.

A Couple Of Movies

I watched Predators today, which was nowhere near as good as the original Predator or AvP, better than Predator 2 or AvPR though. There were a lot of references to P1, and a few to AvP and P2, none to AvPR though. Apparently a sequel is already in progress. I hope that goes back to the special-forces roots of P1, maybe set on the Predator homeworld like this one was supposed to be.

I also watched A Nightmare On Elm Street, which was a remake of the 1984 original. Nowhere near as good, and Freddy without Robert Englund just doesn’t work – it actually looked more like The Mummy or the scarecrow from Jeepers Creepers!

I bought a new car – a Citroen C4 Picasso VTR+. It’s nice having an automatic with cruise control again, for long motorway journeys; and kind of fun being able to switch into manual mode with the paddles for some more interesting driving! There’s some gizmo’s that take a bit of getting used to – like no handbrake, it auto- enables/disables when you start/stop the car, there is a button you can press to do it manually too, but no lever. In place of the handbrake and gear lever is a fridge!

My loft is being boarded next Friday and I’ve re-shingled the garden. Dad & I have been doing some gardening and shopping lately as well as visiting my grandmother.

Fedora 12 On Laptop

I received the 2nd hard disk bay for my work laptop today so installed the 160Gb drive and installed 64-Bit Fedora 12 using my instructions in this earlier post.

Well it all went well except that I selected the optional repositories at install time, so the install took about three hours, and it seems that ALL of the available software for Fedora got installed – over 5000 packages, which had the knock-on effect of making any yum/rpm transaction hideously slow. Also there was so much cruft running as servers or services that the machine crawled. So I’m now reinstalling using no repo’s and it comes to less than 1500 packages, half of which are already installed after 6mins!

I also noticed that my Ubuntu 9.04 machine wants to use DHCP, despite being configured for a static IP, so I’ve disabled DHCP on my router completely now.

I’ve been trying to order that Corsair H50-1 watercooler for when the folks go to England, however nowhere seems to stock it that can deliver it on a specific day or to a non-billing address, so I think I’ll have to wait until they are there and order one for next day courier.

I’ve also been watching The Time Travellers Wife, which was very good and had a unique perspective; charting the life of a guy who randomly gets sucked out of the present and how his wife copes with it.

Xmas 2009

I had a lovely Christmas, spent most of the time over at M&D’s eating and drinking too much! I think they’re coming over for New Year’s Eve. We all went out for Chinese on Xmas Eve and I went over to PP’s afterwards.

I got lots of presents including a Senseo coffee machine which I have in my computer room as well as an electric toothbrush, clock radios, toiletries and booze.

I just watched Dorian Gray, which is right up there with Watchmen as the worst comicbook movie ever.

As I’d like to upgrade my PC to Fedora 12, but still need some F10-only applications (NessusClient 4.0.2 for example) I decided to clone it into a Virtual Machine.

I made a basic Fedora 10 64-Bit install under VirtualBox, then rsync’ed the filesystem using variations on the below commands (as root) making sure not to copy over /proc, /sys, /dev, /tmp and so on:

rsync -ap --delete --numeric-ids /sbin/
rsync -ap --delete --numeric-ids /var/
rsync -ap --delete --numeric-ids /home/
rsync -ap --delete --numeric-ids /bin/
rsync -ap --delete --numeric-ids /lib/

I modified grub/fstab (screwed up a bit there and had to use a RHEL rescue CD) and ran mkinitrd to remove the encryption, LVM and Vista partition; then replaced the Nvidia drivers with VirtualBox ones, disabled Compiz/screensaver etc. It now works very well, I’ve shrunk the memory down to 1Gb and only 2 cores and the disk only uses about 17Gb. It quite amazing what you can do using rsync on a live system, who needs cloning programs like Acronis/Ghost?

Its the ultimate backup as not only can I simply re-run the rsync commands to keep it up-to-date, but I have a completely running system not just my data, and can move it to any machine I like. I could probably even migrate it back to a physical machine if I needed too.