I had a play at making a C++ app in QtDesigner3 last night, it was relatively straightforward, the only bit of oddness was initialising some pointer or something! The signal handlers were pretty straightforward, and creating a main window form and help dialog box was easy. I should try Qt4 again (I have played with PyQt4, which seems completely different to PyQt3).

I also briefly played with Visual Studio 2005 Pro yesterday at work, had a basic Windows.Forms app running with only minimal hassle – mainly that the Close() method seems to automatically figure out what window you’re trying to close based on the calling class. I must play with it more when I rebuild my PC and get VMWare running. I have VS2003 EA on the laptop in the meantime.

I’ve just hand-coded a C# console application for Mono, the main thing I don’t like is the static typing, but mainly because the types are case sensitive and all start with an uppercase letter! So you have Int32 types and Decimal types, yuk, Microsoft do seem to have done their best to not be like C/C++. For some reason the Fedora5 repo from Novell doesn’t let me install MonoDevelop.

As an aside, I will be going to La Rochelle for a few days with M&D when I get to France, and Dad’s operation went OK.