Urgh, 2am on Sunday, I can’t sleep for some reason, so I’ve been playing with various WordPress plugins, mainly trying to find one that displays code nicely.

I’m currently going with the combination of Quickcode and Preserve Code Formatting.

As far as security goes, the Subscribers-only plugin looks promising, but for now I’m going with Page Restrict.

I’ve also found a nice Linux client (which I’m using now) called BloGTK, which is nice as it’s written in PythonGTK. Not sure if I prefer it to the TinyMCE web-based system or not yet…..

I still haven’t found a theme or “skin” that I like, so I’m sticking with the default for now.

Oooh, smilies too 😉

Right, I’m going to go for a piss and try to get to sleep now.