OrangePi R1 Plus Review

As I mentioned in my previous post, I bought an OrangePi R1+ to use as a router for my work laptop. Well, I received it the other day and its great! It does run hot, even with the CPU/RAM heatsinks I added it hovers around 65c, that’s partially due to the case it seems, which maybe could have some more air holes. The thing is tiny - about half the length of a RPi.


I’ve recently been updating various Debian Buster boxes to Bullseye. I’ve got a couple of laptops to do yet but the rest run Sid. On my headless servers, the update mainly consisted of - make sure you’re running the latest kernel and latest Buster packages, add the new Bullseye repo’s, update, remove old packages and configs, reboot and then remove the old kernel: apt update && apt dist-upgrade cat << "EOF" > /etc/apt/sources.

Kickstart & Mirrors

Been doing a lot with Kickstart recently, as I’ve had to build some airgapped VM’s in a hurry and have gone off Ansible again. Been templating the more complex bits using j2cli and YAML, so its a bit like Ansible without the SSH - and its ready at first boot rather than afterwards. I’ve uploaded my RHEL/Alma/Rocky/CentOS 8.4 CIS-hardened kickstart to github Oddly enough I’ve found that the SLES install being so slow in esxi appears to be SUSE (or AutoYAST?

Ansible Revisited

I thought I’d give Ansible another shot now it’s owned by RedHat (IBM). As kickstart is a bit limiting. It seems a bit more robust these days, there’s less need to shell out to do the simplest tasks - probably due to the growing number of builtin modules. Inventories seem to have matured as has Vault, which is now very simple to use - especially if you use it inline. For example, to encrypt your ssh/su/grub password you can use the following in inventory.


My charlieplexed dice boards have arrived from JLCPCB. It uses an ATTiny85 and vibration sensor and only three output pins to drive 6 LED’s. I’m powering this via a rechargeable LIR2032. I also made a charger for it using my favourite TP4056 modules with Rprog replaced with a 30k resistor to set the charge current to about 35mA, a bit of spare perfboard and a coincell holder (and yet another 3D printed bumper!