I just installed a new version of quickcode, used below.

Also did a huge yum update on Solo, which included a new kernel, which means that I then need to install the NVidia drivers, and run vmware-config.pl (rebuild vmmon modules) and vmware-config-mui.pl (generate new SSL cert). Then to build the webcam driver:

rm -rf /lib/modules/
/sbin/rmmod pwc
wget http://www.saillard.org/linux/pwc/files/pwc-10.0.12-rc1.tar.bz2
tar -jxvf pwc-10.0.12-rc1.tar.bz2
cd pwc-10.0.12-rc1
make && make install
chmod 744 /lib/modules/

On the laptop, add the RT2500 wireless drivers to that process:

wget http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/rt2500-cvs-daily.tar.gz
tar -zxvf rt2500-cvs-daily.tar.gz
cd rt2500-cvs-2006052614/Module
make && make install-fedora