I’m currently downloading IBM’s DB2 Express-C database for Linux, and trying to download their WebSphere Application Server Community Edition. Hopefully that will include libraries to build Perl and Python clients with, I’m pretty sure it includes a PHP client from Zend.

I noticed that VMWare have quite a lot of Partner Applicances, that are basically pre-built VM’s running RHEL3 or SLES9 with Oracle, BEA WebLogic, IBM DB2-UDB Express, Apache Tomcat 5 etc….

I’m also trying to download the Ubuntu 6.06 DVD via BitTorrent, it’s showing about 600 peers but only 3 seeders, so I guess not many people have finished downloading it yet.

Been quite busy at work today, hacking our Javascript calendar’s date validation, updating some Oracle reports and rebuilding dev environments.

I got my new USB2 media card reader today, it’s very small, and Fedora5 has nice new icons for CF/SD cards it seems! I’m not going to test writing to my 2Gb SD until I’m back in France, as if it fails I’d have to install Windows on my laptop to be able to rewrite the maps to the card using it’s built-in SD slot.