My desktop machine has been crashing a bit lately, with no errors or anything, just hard crashing. I thought it might be one of the hard disks, but just tested them using the WDDiag program and they’re fine. I think it might be the heat, as it just crashed again whilst it was at about 52c running at 70% CPU.

I’m currently downloading the VMWare Server Release Candidate 1, and installing Ubuntu 6.06. I gave up trying to use BitTorrent so turned to wget and got it downloaded in 10 hours at 57Kbps!

I was quite impressed with the Dapper DVD, you boot it up and it’s a LiveCD, so you can use it, and then click the Install icon and it installs:


The install is very basic though, barely any packages are installed by default, not even sshd, I’ll have to figure out what’s filling the 3.2Gb DVD, maybe you can install more packages from there, rather than downloading everything. I’m installing some codecs and Acrobat using Apt at the moment.