It’s been quite a while – almost a month since my last update.

Lots has been going on in France and my new house. I’ve got most of my stuff unpacked and in place, tidied the loft and nextdoor. Got satellite TV installed in two rooms, got ADSL and phone installed, new TV/hifi etc. Pip will be bringing my Xbox over when she goes to England next month.

We’ve carpetted and wallpapered the landing, stripped the wallpaper in my room ready for wallpapering, built a cupboard, got my computers installed on nice desks, run CAT6 network cable around the place, painted doors and mirrors and God knows what else – we may even be replacing the backdoor soon!

The kitchen is finished, the new utility room is done (including fixing a leaky pipe) and the new bathroom is lovely with the high-tech shower/bath. Dad’s been driving us mad constantly decorating something or other. I must get around to taking some photo’s.

Mum and Pip have given me loads of stuff they have extras of – like phones and kitchenware, and the previous owner of the house has given me some stuff too, as they happen to be Jacques' babysitters.

We’ve done some decorating over Pippa’s house too. Jacques has grown, and is hopefully leaving his tantrum stage. Phil will be over in a few days, followed by Kev & Carly (see you did get a mention!) when everyone goes over to England.

I’ve been enjoying the cheese, beer and cooked meats a little too much. I’ve got used to the French drivers and things like what days to do the rubbish/recycling and when the shops are shut, going to the bank, where everything is etc. Plus my French is getting better, despite there being at least another three Brits in my street!

Today we’ve had rain and it’s a bit cooler, it has been 36c or more (even M&D’s pool got to 32c!) and apparently may go up to 45c in August.