We all went to Chateauroux yesterday to get the back bit for my wardrobe, although it turns out we had it all along! We had a lovely kebab and did a little shopping, JP behaved very well all day, he looks smashing with his new haircut.

Today Dad and I have fought with the wardrobe and got the back bit on, so it’s all done now except for the three doors, which we’re leaving off whilst the ceiling is painted and the walls papered.

I’ve been sleeping in the middle room lately, and have been having a lovely rest – the window on the landing blows right into it so keeps you cool, especially with the room’s front window open too. It’s a lot cooler weather anyway the last few days.

I just mowed the lawn as the grass was looking quite long, it really grows quickly in France.

Hopefully M&D’s pool will have warmed up a bit so we can have a swim later, the solar has been plugged back in, so it should be above 28c.

I think the Slosses should be over next week, and Phil.

I must get my car looked at too, as it’s leaking clutch fluid, looks like a little rubber grommit has perished, gotta look in the Haynes manual in a bit, maybe Phil will have some insight.

Bloody ebuyer have switched to CityLink for all post now it seems, so hopefully I will get the hard disk and gigabit switch that have been sent to Phil and Kev.