Mum & Pip went to Leroy Merlin today and got me 10% off the four windows I need for the shell, came to under 500e as they were slightly cheaper than in the catalogue. The shell will look like a regular house from the outside with new windows and doors.

Mum & Dad got a new liner for the pool as it’s still leaking despite about a dozen patches I put on it, although it hasn’t stopped raining for 24 hours, so it might be a bit pointless fitting it until next year…..

Dad & I went to SuperU and spent my 40e prize, we got duck, quail, mussels, wine, cider, rum, cheese etc. Dad came over and we got the heater in the utility room wired up, and my cocktail lamp in the lounge.

We just had fajita’s for dinner, yummmm.

Phil’s home tomorrow, as JP is having his ears operated on soon.