We’ve been putting the new liner on M&D’s pool today, we got it done by about 5pm, including picking up new sand – although we have to let out some slack tomorrow morning now it’s got some water in it. It was a good workout, shovelling water and sand, plus the algae will do wonder for my skin I’m sure 😉

It’s been an absolute scorcher today, bit of a wind, but not a hurricane like Scotland has seen!

I bought some cured ham from HyperU the other day and brought some over for Dad’s dinner, I had Barney on my lap as I gave a little ham to Freddie, and Barney snapped my piece out of my hand, it was quite funny, the little blighter!

The Parsons popped over, Jacques has gone grape mad, and is practically orgasmic when he catches sight of Dad’s grapevines, he seems to have gone off tomatoes though.

I watched Four Brothers yesterday, it wasn’t bad actually.