It’s my last day at work this year, before I go home to France for Xmas tomorrow with Phil. I left a little early, but hey at least I turned up unlike most of the people. The last payment day was yesterday so I won’t get paid until after January 3rd now, that’s due to having to wait for the bloke to sign my timesheet.

The fog is ridiculous at the moment, I very much doubt if my flight would go ahead tomorrow, and I expect the M25 will be crawling.

I’ve packed my rucksack with my clothes so I don’t need to take my suitcase – as I doubt it will fit in the van, and it’s easier as it means I won’t need to check-in a suitcase on the way back, I’ll just fly with my rucksack as hand luggage. I’m not taking any toiletries or sharp objects. I’ve packed my passport.

I’ve made a load of sandwiches for our trip out of the loaf of bread I have left, and some cheese, ham, sweet pickle and tomato relish. I’ve also bought some little bottles of Coke/Diet Coke for us, which are good as you can put the lid back on instead of having to drink the whole thing at once, and the caffeine keeps you awake.

Phil’s coming over tomorrow morning sometime to pick me up and pack the bacon, cheese, tea, sweets etc. Oh and my wifi bridge 😉

I’m charging up the GPS and Bluetooth and burning DVD’s tonight. I’ve got the cigarette chargers for the GPS and my phones in my rucksack and I’ve printed the directions too – just in case a nuclear blast or electro-magnetic pulse knocks out the GPS 😉 I’ve got a phone for each SIM (French NRJ and English Orange) and I’ve put my Credit Agricole card in my wallet.