Yesterday I watched Cars, which was OK, and 16 Blocks, which was also mediocre and featured Mos Def and his infinitely annoying voice.

Work was OK today, I’ve finished writing up three test plans and have been doing a lot of Emails and meetings and very little actual testing.

I’m running into the disk space problem again, I’ve got two drives with about 140Gb free space between them – and that’s after I deleted a few things. I tell you, I’m going to end up having to buy a 500Gb drive soon, as I’ve got so many 160, 200, 250Gb’s taking up SATA channels, and I really don’t want to go back to IDE other than the 80Gb boot drives.

I’ve got a lot of O’Reilly eBooks to read – electronics, security, programming etc; although I don’t like reading sitting to a computer, I guess I could do some at work though during lunch. Nobody has really come up with a replacement for the book yet, you’d think an A4-sized LCD touchscreen with SD card reader and some software to read PDF’s would not cost much to develop….