Just been into town to get some silicone lubricant for my PC’s northbridge fan which was making a right racket. It seems to be OK now – I had to dust it off too. I picked up a bag of 50 fan screws for a couple of quid too – handy as the six fan’s I’ve ordered probably won’t come with the required 4 screws each.

I started playing with Java again, I don’t really like the language but thought it’s something new. I gave up after getting Tomcat 5.5 and mod_proxy_ajp set up with Apache 2.2 – the servlets/JSP worked, but it’s just too much faffing around, I mean “Hello World!” is like 5 scripts and has a horrible startup time!

Update: just watched Stormbreaker which was a total James Bond ripoff, but with a 14 year old kid – it even had Odd Job! Not cool.