I’ve spent about five hours tonight fighting to get the Netra to Jumpstart from a Solaris x86 VMWare install and just keep getting the same result as I did from Linux – it gets IP/hostname/boot image, but then doesn’t seem to fire up the installer, it does the odd NFS transaction, but otherwise just sits there on the LOM saying “38e00”

I’m actually quite getting to like the svcadm stuff, it’s nice to type a command to enable/disable a service and it’s set permanently, no editing rc.d scripts or xinetd.conf etc. And svcs has a nicer output than netstat for network service status.

I ordered a USB missile launcher today as there are now Linux drivers and even a Python wrapper for it. It’s got full directional control (left, right, up, down, diagonal) and of course fire’s the foam missiles. I’m going to have a go at mounting my Philips webcam on it, as tilt/swivel webcams cost a fortune. I might even try Motion detection and a web frontend.

I’ve done the Tesco’s run tonight, and got petrol and done my washing, so tomorrow I’ll probably go into town to look around Wilkinsons etc. and then go to the pub for lunch, as I’ve not been in ages.