I finally got my hair cut – I had to wait an hour as there were loads of people there, including one couple whose whole life seemed to revolve around their mobile phones – how much battery life they had, what startup sounds, how many SMS’s they sent that week……

I got some 15w40 engine oil and wiper fluid, filled that up and the water, pumped up the tyres, they were all fine except the front passenger side one, which was at about 20psi instead of 30. I’ve got a little hole in my exhaust under the rear driver’s side at a welding joint I think, have to ask Phil to patch it up before the Controle Technique, probably only needs a bit of solder or spot weld.

I went to the pub for lunch. I’ve got to find a place to dump the boxes from these server’s I’ve had delivered, I think work has a skip by the postroom, I can’t seem to find a recycling centre or tip nearby.

Not a bad day today, kind of sunny, bit windy, not particularly cold…..