I haven’t been bothered to write in my blog for a while, so thought I’d do a quick update.

The new car is going well, I drove it to Stansted and back to get Dad from the airport and Brighton and back to see Nanny and still have about half a tank left!

Dad flew over to pick up the Clio and drive it back to France. I got a call today that he couldn’t get it started – that bloody cable again, but he couldn’t open the bonnet to get to it, so got a tow or something. Luckily he did this in Brighton, not France, so now he knows how to open the bonnet. Anyway, it was nice to see him on his birthday.

Work’s not going great at the moment, with people taking lots of time off and testing freezes going on.

Right I’m off to have a smoked salmon sandwich courtesy of Nanny, then I’m going to watch Underworld: Evolution, which I may have seen before….

Update: I hadn’t seen Underworld 2, in fact it was quite good although very similar to the first, or even the Blade series.

Update 2: I just watched The Guardian, which was a bloody good movie about the coastguard, starring Kevin Costner.