Work was busy today and I’ve got some stuff to do tomorrow. I sent off my timesheet and invoice too – the most import job of the week.

After work I went to Dunelm Mills and got the memory foam pillows for the folks, then a nice kebab 🙂

I found I had 40ukp refunded to my PayPal account, I’d forgotten about that – nice surprise!

I got Nascar 2006: Total Team Control for the Xbox, and like most EA Sports games, it’s pretty naff – there’s not even a feeling of speed, i.e. when you’re driving at 180mph it seems no different to 70mph!

I’m going to watch Reno 911: Miami later.

I’m booked to go to Nanny’s the night before I go back to France, so that will be nice and will reduce my drive a little.

I had a lovely chat with Jacques earlier on the phone today (mainly about his Xbox and his dad) he really didn’t want to return the headset. He seems to talk/understand really well now, not long ago he’d just breath down the phone!

I’ve also been looking into getting a speed camera database onto my Destinator GPS.