Brandy is back from the vets with some tablets to make him better, although apparently he will keep getting this as his kidney is failing, so we’ll have to decide what to do next time he gets this, if he does…..

I went into town and got a Euro number plate for the car from Halfords; flea collars, worming tablets, hair bleach and colouring stuff from Wilko’s and 15L of matt white emulsion from Wickes. Wickes is very well hidden on a wierd industrial estate. It’s got to be the world’s smallest branch! I then went to the pub for mixed grill as usual, with a pint of cider – ooh ah!

It’s accounting time again so I’m getting my receipts together for Pip, and getting gibberish letters and forms from the accountant.

I’ve been chatting to the landlord and wants me to buy him a wireless ADSL router so that when I’m gone he can advertise as having wireless internet in the room, plus he gets a firewall, much better than that USB frog thing. Gotta get a couple of rent receipts off him.

Not watched any films today, it’s Dr.Who in a minute, and then the Joseph final, which is a forgone conclusion that Lee will win.

Less than three weeks left now!