I’ve got my Xbox setup to play movies and music now. It’s connecting to my fileserver wirelessly using the Bufallo and OpenWRT in client-mode. 54g seems to be fast enough for MPEG/WMV/XviD/DivX/MP3, but nowhere near enough to backup games across the LAN, so I’ve still got my damn long piece of CAT5e going to my GigE switch upstairs for that!

I’ve got XMBC2 installed and added the Youtube2 plugin, so can play movies across the internet too, as well as connect to streaming radio stations like Shoutcast.

I’ve got an Aldi’s SCART switcher to play via SCART to my TV instead of through the video. I’ve also got the two-way A/V cable Kev gave me hooked up to my HiFi via a Maplin’s audio switch. So the sound and video is much better now. The remote controller is cool too.

I’ve been playing MX vs ATV Unleashed, which is pretty good – the sandsail is impossible to use, but the quad is great. I even gave Jacques a game and he played the bike. I’ve also tried MotoGP3, which is a ridiculously hard superbike game.