I’m updating my work laptop – 1.4Gb of Fedora7 RPM’s coming down the tubes! Fedora 8 is out next month, I think I’ll stick that on my personal laptop instead of F7. I’ve got to put VMWare on there so that I have a mobile office – and something to run certain Windows apps on.

Work was pretty hectic again today, working with a pretty major vendor who should know better to fix their setup, amidst endless voice conferences and a skipped luncheon. Then I found out I’m getting paid monthly instead of weekly, so trying to get that sorted too.

Supernatural series 3 has kicked off, although looks like a bunch of fake torrents.

Dad bid on a set of snooker balls on ebay and I’ve got a rest/scoreboard/rack/triangle kit coming soon, so that’s all sorted.

I’ve done my washing, not sure what I’m going to do this weekend – hopefully get over this cold and buy some decent towels.

Phoned Pip and the folks earlier, Pip will be having the baby within two weeks it seems, and M&D are ok except worrying about healthcare.