I received my snooker stuff – the rests are particularly nice, and I even got a free training cueball – it has dots where to hit it to achieve spin, curve etc.

Today I’ve been cloning my XP desktop onto a VMWare session on my Linux laptop and breaking the local admin password! I used the chntpw boot CD, which made it particularly easy to clear the SAM registry. I’ve also been downloading Solaris 10u4.

I watched Smiley Face last night, which was about a particularly bad day for a stoner. It had the girl from Scary Movie(s) with her ridiculously inflated lips. It wasn’t great, it should have been, but it just got boring.

I also watched Full Of It, which was about a boy whose lies came true, it wasn’t too bad actually.

Update: just watched The Invisible, about a girl who kills a guy and is haunted by him. It was OK, good ending.