It’s three weeks until Christmas and I still don’t really feel Xmassy. I’m sure the TV and shops etc. are usually more into Xmas by now. I’m listening to “Now Thats What I Call Christmas” in a bid to cheer myself up! Not helped by the fact that I’ve been ill most of the weekend which I think was due to a funny onion/garlic dip.

I’m getting demob-happy as is usual near the end of a contract (although I’m back mid-Jan!) as I’m getting really fed-up with being here, although work’s getting better (despite the fact that I’m the only person who is always in the office) these weekends are pissing me off. Next weekend I think I’ll do some Xmas shopping – might go to Morrisons, Asda, Thorntons etc; gotta get some wrapping paper.

I just watched Stardust, which was pretty good – a bit Narnia-ish, with lots of big-name actors. I also watched The Kingdom, about Islamic attacks on Americans in Saudi Arabia.

I think I’ve just won 300usd (145ukp) in a competition to come up with a slogan, the votes are in and I’m third, just haven’t heard about the winnings yet….