I seem to be running out of disk space, out of four 250Gb drives attached to my desktop machine, I have about 30Gb left on each drive! I think I’ll have to take one of the drives back with me to France and offload some of the data onto the fileserver. I’m running out of SATA ports too, so I’m going to have to buy a 500Gb drive soon and maybe another eSATA enclosure for one of the 250Gb’s. I could put my SIL3114A PCI card back in the fileserver to give it another 4 slots, but then its going to become a power issue with 4+ drives per PC.

I’ve wasted a lot of yesterday and today trying to install Solaris 10u4 and 9u8 into VMWare machines. I’ve done 10u3 before no problem, but for some reason its not having any of it now on either my P4HT or work’s Core2Duo. I tried reverting back to VMWare Server 1.0.3 but that seems worse than 1.0.4, I might try Workstation 6 or Server 2 (although I think I’d prefer to roll back to 1.0.2 than install either of those products!) I thought it might be a SCSI problem first, but IDE doesn’t fair much better – it gets through the install but never manages first boot.

I’ve watched two Christmas Carol movies – the Ross Kemp one and the Blackadder one, I’ve got the Patrick Stewart one to watch in a mo.

Yesterday I watched the remake of Halloween, which tries to explain why Michael becomes a psycho – blaming bullying at school, his abusive parents and his slutty sister of course. To me it seemed a bit naff, Mike Myers is just pure evil, its nothing to do with his upbringing, the guy’s a monster who can’t be killed, not some juvenile! So they turned a supernatural thriller into an episode of Gerry Springer! Next they’ll be saying the Jason Vorhees and Freddy Kruger were good kids at heart 😉