Scan were good enough to give me a refund and Citylink picked up the dead hard disk today, so can’t say fairer than that. I’m buying the 750Gb Seagate 7200.11 from ebuyer now, should arrive tomorrow with any luck – hopefully this one will work. I was considering buying two 500Gb WD-AAKS’s but it works out 30ukp more expensive, and would leave me with a spare 250Gb drive, so not giving me any more capacity or freeing up controller ports.

I got my USB-to-RS232 cable today and it works a treat with Fedora7, I tested it on a Cisco 2912XL. Build quality is not as good as the other one I have, but it was one fifth the price – hell I paid more shipping for the FTDI one that I paid for the whole PL2303 model!