I went out on Saturday to go to the bank. Well, after discovering that the place didn’t seem to be anywhere near the massive number of car parks on Google Maps (how often do they update their satellite images?!) I didn’t actually manage to get anywhere near it due to roadworks, and didn’t fancy walking about 4 miles to it from the town centre carpark, so I’m just sticking the paperwork in the post now.

I was chatting to a colleague who has lived in Ipswich all his life, and even he can’t think of anything to do here, it really is the arse end of England – proven by the fact that it was absolutely pissing it down here and lovely in Croydon apparently! I remember a conversation with some Irish colleagues who came over to visit: “we were thinking of going out on the pull last night, but after seeing what Suffolk girls are like we decided to stay in the hotel and have a curry”.

I’ve been speccing up a Core2Quad PC for Kev, I’m pretty tempted to get a similar one myself. We’re going to be building it next weekend. I was shocked that the minimum version of Vista you can use on a big-RAM 64-Bit machine costs about 112ukp, oh I’m glad I use Linux and only pay 30p for a DVD-R!

I tried out the new VirtualBox 1.6.2 as its supposed to have fixed a lot of the issues. Its still got a rubbish network model with no GUI and bridging is basically essential if you want to do anything, as NAT doesn’t allow LAN/share access and uses DHCP so not very “firewall-able”. Its a shame as I’m pretty sure performance is better than VMWare Server – which recently got upgraded to 1.0.6 and works without patching even on Fedora 9!

I also had my first physio appointment on Friday, wow that wasn’t much fun, also didn’t seem to help much either….

Right I’m off to watch The Spiderwick Chronicles.