I’ve just plugged my firewire camcorder into my CentOS 5.2 box and it seems they’ve backported the broken raw1394 drivers that Fedora has into the kernel. Hopefully its fixed in Fedora10, or I’ll be borrowing Mum’s Ubuntu 8.04 laptop to try that – I might try my Mac Mini actually….

I watched The Mummy 3, which was about as good as the other movies, bit of a shame they replaced Evelin and made everyone older – I assume as they’re going to make the next sequel (about Aztecs) the son’s story more than the parents. I wonder what happened to the Scorpion King franchise…..

I have no idea why people thought Jet Li was so good in the movie though – there were barely any fight scenes and he was encased in clay for most of the movie, so could have been replaced by any actor.

Update: I used the Mac Mini and iMovie to import the DV files from the camcorder. Of course iMovie has rubbish export formats – unless you like Mac-centric QuickTime MP4’s at 320×240 resolution! So I just saved the DV files and imported them into Kino on the Fedora7 box for processing and outputting to DVD quality MPEG2.

I also noticed that my fileserver seems to default to 10Mbps half duplex (instead of gigabit/full) when woken using WOL. From the output from ethtool, I think the problem is that if you turn off autoneg, it defaults to the slowest setting.

Update 2: just watched The Love Guru, which was pretty standard Michael Myers stuff, but pretty funny too – especially the acronyms.

Also just used WordPress 2.6’s revision control to restore an autosaved revision over the current revision that I accidently pressed ‘refresh' on.