Its been a while since my last post, so thought I’d put a few bits together.

I’ve watched Batman 2: The Dark Knight, which was OK, very dark, but overly long at 2.5+ hours. Anyone who has watched it will know what I mean when I say it should have finished at that point about half an hour earlier, before going off on the tangent.

I thought Iron Man was actually better, it was shorter that’s for sure; about a guy who creates an endoskeleton to escape capture, and goes on to try to save the world with it.

I also watched Get Smart, which was a comedy about an inept secret agent. Much better than Johnny English.

Finally I watched Alone In The Dark 2, which seemingly had nothing to do with the far superior first movie, except it turns out that the main character in both was the same person – you wouldn’t actually know this as the actors were of a completely different race!

I’ve taken the plunge and bought a new PC. I’ve selected the components to be a bit future-proof (well my Pentium4 has lasted a good four years and is still going strong) as it has a quad-core CPU which I’m going to overclock past 3GHz, 8Gb RAM and 1.25Tb of hard disk space!

Sun have just announced that they are almost ready to release their xVM Server product, which is a bare-metal hypervisor based on Xen, and in direct competition with VMWare ESXi, although it is opensource.

I might give xVM a try on my new PC when it arrives, as I think I’ll wait for Fedora10 (due mid November according to the schedule) before installing a longterm operating system – not worth configuring Fedora9 and then have to start again for 10. xVM seems much less Windows-exclusive than ESXi is, as its controlled by web interface that works on Firefox for Linux and Safari for MacOSX, and has a local console, not just RDP.

I just upgraded WordPress to the latest 2.6.2, the upgrade went much more smoothly than usual – just move the old one out of the way; copy wp-content, .htaccess and wp-config.php back over; upgrade some plugins and the database and away you go. The stylesheet modifications I made are still in place.