M&D came over and helped me clean up my houses after the plumbers' mess. The plumbers have actually been quite good at cleaning up, but the brick dust etc gets everywhere. The place is lovely and clean now and I’ve put some summer stuff like fans in the loft for a few months as well.

The plumbers aren’t quite finished with the central heating yet, although they say they will be within 3 days, they only have the thermostat, hot water tank and a bit of piping in the loft to do now.

I’m thinking of buying a couple of 2-port USB KVM’s so that I don’t have to have five keyboards and mice on my desk. I could reduce it to three keyboards/mice (and LCD’s) across the five computers; as at the moment I have one PC with no keyboard/mouse/monitor and the Mac’s keyboard/mouse is miles away from its monitor.

Eventually I’ll move my new PC to the side of my desk and my Pentium4 will go next to the fileserver at the other end, underneath the desk; so I won’t have computers to kick in the middle of the desk (MacMini and laptop go on top of desk).

I tried out the SD reader in my printer today. Its pretty cool actually, it prints an index sheet of the photos on the card, then you tick the box of the picture you want to print and the number of copies, put it on the scanner (where it reads the tickboxes like a lottery machine) and it prints out your selection for you, all without turning on the computer!

The snooker cue tips I bought from eBay are too small, they say 12mm, but when measured with a micrometer they are 11mm (the cue’s measure 12mm). I doubt the seller will be good enough to pay the return shipping, so I’m a bit stuck really.

I watched Bangkok Dangerous the other night, it was basically a poor imitation of Leon or The Replacement Killers, staring Nicolas Cage as assassin with a heart.

Just upgraded the blog to the latest version, not quite as easy as the last upgrade as they seem to have changed the stylesheet and footer again.