I backed up my GPS last night by simply copying the files from my 4Gb SDHC card to a 2Gb SD card, it just abouts fits with all the applications and France+UK maps. The only things that seem to be missing are settings, but favourites are still there.

I’ve been playing around with the latest versions of Nessus and Tennable Security Center lately, SC really adds functionality to Nessus, its not simply a web frontend. What’s also nice is that even though its not opensource, it still uses open standards for things, so you could modify it yourself – config files are simple text or XML, images are just PNG’s, the scripts are Perl and PHP and the DHTML/AJAX uses the Yahoo library!

M&D’s ADSL got upgraded and after teething troubles (the DSLAM had the wrong mac address info, which seems to be the usual problem/excuse with our ISP) the speed has gone up from about 2400/130kbps to 5600/810kbps, so not only more than doubled the download, but also a hefty upload speed.

Update: just figured out what is loud in my new PC – I previously thought it was the PSU fan, but it turns out to be the 1Tb hard disk, it vibrates like a motherfucker and is constantly spun-up, unlike in my fileserver where the hard disks spin down all the time rather annoyingly. I guess you can’t have it both ways.

Just watched Russell Howard Live, which was rather disappointing as I think he’s great on Mock The Week. It really dragged on with his very similar life observations, and reruns of his old MTW gags.

Update 2: I’ve been backing up my desktop machine onto my fileserver today using rsync. Strangely enough on the server side you can exclude directories so the client can’t copy them, however on the client side you can’t exclude directories from being deleted.

For example I have a backup directory on the fileserver (client) which contains one more “config” directory than the corresponding backup directory on the desktop (server). If I run rsync the config directory will get deleted on the fileserver as it doesn’t appear on the desktop. The only solution being to move the config directory outside of backup directory whilst syncing.

Permissions seem a bit odd too, if there’s a file on the server that is not world-readable, then it cannot by synced to the client, despite the username/ID’s being the same. Same goes for directories that aren’t world-executable.