I’ve installed Fedora10 on my Core2Quad and now have made it my main PC as it does everything that my Fedora7 install on the P4 did.

I’m quite pleased with it, and it looks like Fedora have reversed the old rule of the odd versions being the rubbish ones, as F9 had a few annoying bugs that I’ve not noticed in F10 – namely NFS works nicely now and doesn’t kill the desktop on large transfers.

VirtualBox 2.0.6 works using the F9 RPM, it also now has support for Solaris 10u6 in 64-Bit mode. I used the same USB/tap scripts as F7 and CentOS5.

Importing my Email and favourites into Thunderbird/Firefox went without a hitch, and ICQ under Pigin works again now. The Nessus F9 RPM worked fine, although like F9 the GUI seems a bit screwy (looks like Motif).

The SpinPoint-F1 hard drive is making a bit of a noise and being nearer to me now its more noticeable. I’m experimenting with “hdparm -S120 /dev/sdb” to make it spindown after 10mins of inactivity.

The F10 install went a lot easier than the two F9 installs I did last week on a couple of HP servers, it seems that the net install is broken as neither FTP nor NFS worked.

Just watched Bond: Quantum Of Solace, which was abysmal. It was all action scenes that flicked in and out of each other, almost no story and the villain wasn’t really even a villain. No Moneypenny or Q or gadgets and only a short car scene with the Aston Martin, practically no “Bond Girl” either. Broccoli and Flemming will be spinning in their graves!

Update: just been playing with compiz-fusion and managed to totally screw my virtual desktops and cube etc. Luckily the fix is to delete ~/.gconf/apps/compiz and that resets you back to the regular desktop effects.

Also found that when you’ve launched a VM in VirtualBox, you can close the main VirtualBox window without the VM shutting down.

I also love Firefox3’s ability to save your current setup – i.e. all the tabs you have open and websites you’re currently looking at, and restore them when you start FF again. I remember a plugin that used to do something similar for FF1.

I’ve upgraded the blog to the latest version 2.6.5 of WordPress, as well as some of the plugins. The upgrade wasn’t too bad, just copied across wp-content, wp-config.php, .htaccess and editted styles.css to make the sidebar bigger, then removed the comments URLs from footer.php