VirtualBox 2.1.0 has been released. New features include complete revamping of host interface networking – no more IP forwarding or bridging/tap interfaces required, vastly simplifying network setup, its even better than VMWare now, as it doesn’t even create a new interface on the host.

Unfortunately they seem to have completely broken Linux display support, with the X11 screen stuck at the framebuffer resolution of 640×480. Fullscreen and seemless mode don’t work either. Mouse integration works but not on Solaris.

3D support has been experimentally implemented, I’ve not tried it yet though.

The upgrade process also went screwy – I had to edit the XML files to remove any references to the TAP interfaces before VirtualBox would even load the VM settings, plus they still don’t have a Fedora10 RPM, although the Fedora9 one works with some warnings.

On an unrelated note, I’ve disabled autofs on my desktop now, as whilst it was nice to automount NFS shares, it was killing Nautilus, especially if the NFS server was offline (or the disks spun down), oddly enough even when the shares had been unmounted by root and Nautilus wasn’t even accessing that directory!