I tried out Debian 5.0 “Lenny” today, quite impressed that VirtualBox guest additions worked flawlessly once gcc/make/kernel-headers were installed. Its funny though, only Debian would make a new release where most of the software is already a year out-of-date!


I also tried OpenSolaris 2008.11, which I guess is what will become Solaris 11 – not as Linuxesque as I thought it would be, although we do have bash as root’s shell, and a proper package manager, not just useless old pkgadd. I was quite impressed with TimeSlider, which is essentially a rip-off of Apple’s Time Machine, enabling time-based backup/restore based on ZFS snapshots – all nicely integrated into Nautilus. Also VirtualBox guest additions worked much better than under proper Solaris 10. Screenshot.

I watched Killer Movie, which was a really quite poor slasher flick, nothing new really. Oh and I can’t believe they’re doing another Friday The 13th remake!

Next up was The Day The Earth Stood Still, which was disappointing. Quite a short film too, they could have gone so much further with the premise of an alien coming to rid the Earth of the destructive humans.

I also watched Doubt which was a story of a nun who thought that her priest was abusing a boy, the ending was disappointing as was the rest of the film.

Finally I watched Red Sands, which was another film which had a good plot but went nowhere with it – basically an evil genie or “djinn” had been let lose in Iraq by American soldiers, but essentially nothing happened until the last five minutes of the film.

I’ve also started to watch another three films, but they’re so bad I’ve given up for the moment.

We got some more wood today, I’m feeling better so might try out the bike again tomorrow.

I’ve been playing a lot of Urban Terror lately, its a Quake3 engine-based First Person Shooter like Alien Arena or OpenArena that you play online.