The fans in my PC’s power supply and on its graphics card are acting up these last few days.

I’ve sent for a new PSU, a huge 650W one with a 120mm fan. So when that arrives I’ll probably take this one apart and see if I can replace the fan with a standard 120mm one I’ve got lying around and then maybe use it to rebuild my old fileserver into a desktop machine or something. I’ve got a couple of 80Gb IDE drives doing nothing, and a nicer AGP card than it used to have, I’ll have to put it in the old full tower case though, as that’s the only case I’ve got spare.

I gave the GFX card fan a good compressed-air cleaning so hopefully that will fix it, if not I’ve got some silicone grease which may help if its the bearing. Looking at the prices of replacement fans or coolers, its just as cheap to buy a new GFX card, unless ebay Hong Kong has some Nvidia rip-offs going for a tenner.