I’ve got one of my new VPS’s setup today. Just got to wait for reverse DNS to propagate and get iptables sorted and NTP enabled:

vzctl set <veid> --capability sys_time:on --save
vzctl set <veid> --iptables ipt_state --save 

I’m not going to switch over until I get the German servers up and running though, as the network speed of the American server isn’t so great (a few more hops I guess).

My old host said it was a 64-Bit server but turns out it was running i686 kernel, so the container was 32-Bit no matter what the host node was. This I found out after I tried to rsync my old server to my new 64-Bit one, which promptly stopped working. Luckily the control panel allows you to very quickly rebuild the server using the base install, so I switched to a minimal 32-Bit Ubuntu 8.04 template and rsync’ed again, and now its all running fine.

Dad came over and put the CAT6 to my Mac in conduit today, looks much better than blue cable running along the ceiling! Still got to paint over an exposed section. We also got the satellite cable routed into the Snooker room, so have Sky TV in there now too, as well as one of the Xbox’s.

My cousins/uncle etc. are over so going over there on Monday, sometime this weekend we’re going to be laying the cement path around M&D’s extension.

I just watched Drag Me To Hell, which was an OK horror flick with a predictable ending and some totally irrelevant side-stories. Much better than Dance Flick which was one of the *-Movie franchise films, a spoof of Save The Last Dance, High School Musical etc; not great. Bruno was absolute rubbish.

I’ve got terrible ear-ache and seem to be sleeping a lot lately, so suspect I’m coming down with something….