I’ve finished migrating my old server to three new ones, well an email server (Germany), web server (Germany) and backup server (USA).

Things are going faster and using less memory as I’ve disabled the unused services – like no websites on the email server, no email or SSL on the web server etc.

It didn’t go without a hitch though as the host nodes were new builds, so were still being setup whilst my VPS’s were being deployed.

I’ve updated the round-robin DNS and got reverse DNS setup now:

dig blog.the-jedi.co.uk
blog.the-jedi.co.uk.	15	IN	CNAME	the-jedi.co.uk.
the-jedi.co.uk.		15	IN	A
the-jedi.co.uk.		15	IN	A

I basically rsynced my old VPS to one of the new ones, and then rsynced the other two from there (using my host’s 100mbps connection instead of my 8mbps!) fiddled about with the settings, and then rsynced them back down to my local copy, which of course just transferred the changes.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the backup server, I guess I could do some sort of automated rsync from the email and web servers, so if I wanted to use it I’d just change the DNS records and wait 15secs for propagation.

I watched District 9, which has got to be the worst bit of Sci-Fi since Cloverfield, especially considering I didn’t realise the alien bits had subtitles which I hadn’t turned on until I was half way through the movie!