My four month old Samsung SpinPoint F1 1Tb hard disk just died on me. Apparently the ones that make this bad vibrating noise are defective, I just thought it was a symptom of spinning constantly.

Removing the drive seemed to upset the encryption of the other drives, but it turned out that something happened to the JFS journals, so when it said bad superblock/filesystem when I mounted the unlocked LUKS partitions, it actually meant you need to run fsck.jfs on the partition to recreate the journal, nice one with the nonsensical error messages there guys!

So now I’ve got to fight Samsung and ebuyer to see who is going to replace it under the 36 month warranty, then figure out how to send it back to them without it costing more than the drive is worth!

Funnily enough it was the one drive that I don’t backup to my external drive and backup PC – because it only holds MP3’s not useful data, luckily I have already given a copy of the disk to PP, so can recover most of my music collection. I might in future back it up to some of these old 80Gb IDE drives I have hanging around, I don’t feel like buying a 1.5Tb drive just for backups when I already have five 250Gb drives for that!

I watched the new Star Trek movie, what a pile of crap! They brought in the old time travel/alternative reality crud so that they could stomp all over The Original Series and everything that’s happened since then. You always know when a Star Trek series is coming to an end as they start screwing around in time to get around all the plot holes. Didn’t think they’d do it in a film though. Sylar from Heroes was rubbish as Spock, Bones was probably the best actor and Scottie, Kirk was not great, but I think that was more to do with his annoying 90210-esque character than the actor, Sulu was just the wrong choice of actor (comedian) and what’s with Uhura snogging Spock of all people?! Gene Roddenberry must be spinning in his grave, J.J. Abrams should have stuck to ruining Lost.