Did you know that if you Google for “what is the point of twitter” you get about 200 million results?! That’s quite a lot of people like me who are wondering what is the point of some website that’s a glorified RSS feed or internet SMS system.

I can only see its a website setup by mobile phone vendors who aren’t making enough money out of SMS so they thought they’d make everyone pay for a 3G data feed so they can post their 140 character messages via the internet.

In case you have been in a coma for the last few months, Twitter (wow look at that homepage!) seems to somehow have become huge, with what seems like every BBC program and most USA news programs even taking it onboard. Its this month’s Facebook.

Essentially it just seems to be a place where you put a one-line summary of what you’re doing at the moment, such as “i am having a shit” or “i am opening an envelope” and apparently thousands of people will then “Tweet” you back with such enlightened reposts as “LOL” or “lulz dude” or “OMG i totally agree! xxx”. It would seem that this serves a useful function to a certain type of person.

I think I’m going to setup the next big internet fad for attention-seeking nobody’s, maybe call it www.twit-face.com or LookAtMe or something, where you can have an iPhone surgically implanted into your brain and it will just send all your pointless thoughts and bank details to some website where it can be randomly matched up with other attention-whores. But the catch will be that if you don’t click “send friend request to 100 random people” every 30mins or so, your account will get cancelled as you’re obviously not using the service enough.

Does anyone else get the feeling that the same bunch of monkeys trying to type the entire works of Shakespeare are also working in some call centre typing random shit into Twitter accounts, as surely this can’t be the work of humans. Those damn dirty apes!

Ah rant over, feel much better now.