Pip and Mum have been shopping for me, we’ve got 90% of what we need for the new house being delivered the day after exchange+completion:

  • Fridge/freezer: Argos
  • Washing machine: Argos
  • 2x double and 1x single beds and memory-foam mattresses: ebay
  • 3-seater and 2-seater leather sofa’s: some shop off the telly
  • Glass dining table & 4 metal chairs: same shop off the telly
  • LCD TV and PC: ebuyer

Just got to get a microwave and bit’n’bobs like TV stand, desk, drinks tables from Ikea/Tesco I expect, and someone to fit a satellite dish – I’ve already got a Sky+ box.

ebuyer have confirmed my replacement hard disks and my TV/PC order will arrive as planned, the phone/ADSL is looking on target.

I’ve got to look into gas/electricity suppliers and registering to get a dustbin from the council – and getting on the voter’s roll, council tax etc.

Oh and I upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.8.6