A lot has been going on since my last post, so much I can’t really be bothered to post it all!

Basically we went over and “moved in” to my house in Kent, five days of almost no rest, plus shopping, assembling, phoning, driving etc. Amazingly everything arrived on the Friday except my ADSL and router (which has since arrived apparently). M&D did wonders with assembling everything, and we got 90% of what we needed to do done.

You gotta love the Channel Tunnel though – turn up 2 hours early and they stick you on the train that’s leaving in 15mins time (instead of having to wait or pay extra like the ferries) then 35mins later you’re in England!

We were a bit surprised at the price of stuff though – can’t find a towel holder under a fiver! Weather wasn’t too bad.

Also I don’t know what it is about kebab houses and Indian takeaways, but there must have been at least three of each on every street! We had two Indians and weren’t overly impressed with either, starters were fine but the curries were a joke. Not many fish’n’chip, Chinese or pizza places though.

Pico the cat got run over whilst I was away, she’s gone to the cat food factory in the sky 🙁

I’ve been building my new Core i5 PC, totally disappointed with the overclocking though – even at stock 2.66GHz the temps are maxing into the high 60’s and at 3.36GHz over 80c, so I’m thinking of buying one of these beginner watercooling rigs, still can’t see that dropping 20c or so off, although the stock HSF is pathetic and I didn’t apply decent silver thermal compound just used the grey rubbish it came with, so you never know. For now I’m sticking with my Core2Quad as my main work machine – which has got its 1Tb hard drive back and is now in a smaller case.