I finally decided to upgrade my fileserver from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10, as 10.04 LTS is due end of April, so its easier to upgrade version-by-version than jump two.

It actually went without issue, I had already gathered the .deb’s needed for PIPS and iScan for my printer/scanner and tested them on a 9.10 virtual machine, although by the looks of it, Gutenprint5 now has Epson RX425 drivers built-in, however I’ve seen reports that the colours are too dark.

I’ll probably upgrade my backup desktop machine from Fedora 10 to 12 tomorrow as F13 isn’t released until mid-May, I’ll do a fresh install with this machine though (Fedora doesn’t upgrade as well as Ubuntu).

I’ve also been checking out some Linux games, they were all pretty poor in comparison to Urban Terror or Alien Arena; some didn’t even work due to no servers being available, others were just tacky. I think I tried Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Tremulous Fusion, Nexuiz and Sauerbraten.

I upgraded the Gallery to the final 1.5 version the other day, it seems they never released 1.6 final. I never liked Gallery2, and Gallery3 is way overdue, maybe I’ll try that if they ever finish it.

Talking of printers, I’m thinking of getting an Epson EPL-6200 laser printer for the other house, I can’t believe they can sell a Postscript3/PCL6 laser printer for 60-odd quid! It will work with Linux out of the box of course, toner refills can be sourced with modchips too. I was thinking of getting an all-in-one scanner/laser, but it will take up too much room.

Its still snowing here, although its so sunny today I expect it all to be gone tomorrow.