It’s Wednesday night and I’ve still got a lot to do before Sunday:

  1. Order one of these Siemens Gigaset S685 phones. Its a dual pack of portable phones that also can accept a wired or Bluetooth headset. They also use 3.5GHz so won’t be knocked out by the microwave or knock out the WiFi. The handsets have a 50m indoor range from the base unit, plus another 10m from the handset to the Bluetooth headset, outdoor is something like 350m total!

  2. Order one of these wireless keyboard and mouse kits from Amazon, also maybe one of these Corsair H50-1 watercoolers (might leave that until I get my 15ukp discount from Amazon).

  3. Order one of these Epson EPL-6200 laser printers from ebuyer as Amazon are out of stock. Probably have to order all of these on Friday so they’ll arrive Monday at the earliest but not too late to print boarding passes if needed.

  4. See if we can check Mum in for her flight on Saturday before we leave.

  5. Pack clothes. I’ve already packed most stuff into the car, got to wash and sort clothes, oh and pack the laptop and desktop PC’s after one last rsync.

Things aren’t helped by the shortage of diesel in France, I’ve got a full tank which should get us to England where hopefully they don’t have fucking action industriel.