Bit of a bad day today overall. First off I had a mouse in my lounge, looks like the cat brought it in alive or it came as a free gift with my new sofa’s!

My cat Clio was completely useless and tried to run out the back door, ended up hiding on top of the cabinet the mouse ran under. My folks' cat Bubbles was almost as useless as she just sat there looking at it.

Eventually Dad cornered it with a broom and I skewered it sheesh-kebab style with the fire poker! That reminds me, I must go mop up the mess.

Finally I’m having all sorts of hassles trying to get this dead hard disk refunded – the ebayer now is trying to get me to send it back directly to WDC, yeah great then I end up not getting my postage refunded and they end up keeping all of my money, plus WDC will send out a refurbished replacement instead of a refund. They can fuck right off!

On a positive note though, the Fedora 11->13 upgrade went well and the Nessus 4.2.2 F12 RPM’s work on F13, as does the latest Skype.

Right I’m off for a drink and some chocolate.