I watched Predators today, which was nowhere near as good as the original Predator or AvP, better than Predator 2 or AvPR though. There were a lot of references to P1, and a few to AvP and P2, none to AvPR though. Apparently a sequel is already in progress. I hope that goes back to the special-forces roots of P1, maybe set on the Predator homeworld like this one was supposed to be.

I also watched A Nightmare On Elm Street, which was a remake of the 1984 original. Nowhere near as good, and Freddy without Robert Englund just doesn’t work – it actually looked more like The Mummy or the scarecrow from Jeepers Creepers!

I bought a new car – a Citroen C4 Picasso VTR+. It’s nice having an automatic with cruise control again, for long motorway journeys; and kind of fun being able to switch into manual mode with the paddles for some more interesting driving! There’s some gizmo’s that take a bit of getting used to – like no handbrake, it auto- enables/disables when you start/stop the car, there is a button you can press to do it manually too, but no lever. In place of the handbrake and gear lever is a fridge!

My loft is being boarded next Friday and I’ve re-shingled the garden. Dad & I have been doing some gardening and shopping lately as well as visiting my grandmother.