I’ve patched and built 64-Bit Fedora 14 RPM’s for John-the-Ripper (the password cracker) here and rain (the packet crafter) here.

The JtR package includes the recent patches for Generic Salted SHA-1 and Netscreen, as well as the usual Jumbo-7 patch.

Update: As the SHA1/Netscreen patches have been merged into the Jumbo-9 patch, I’ve updated the John 1.7.6-3 RPM’s to just apply Jumbo-9 to a vanilla 1.7.6

Update 2: I’ve just built Back In Time v1.0.4 for F13/14 by editing the Fedora 15 SRPM for 0.9.26 to remove an un-needed patch and update to the 1.0.4 tar.gz file.

I’m not going to use it myself yet as part of the v1.0 changes is to add the hostname to the path to the backup directories, which breaks compatibility with 0.9.x, so I’d not easily be able to use Ubuntu 9.10 or an earlier Fedora release (without making another RPM) with the backups created with this. Anyway, the download is here.