I got fed up with my shitty web host and their downtime – apparently they fucked up the OpenVZ kernel when running “yum update” on their CentOS server, then had RAID controller issues, then their ISP null-routed them after they got blacklisted by Spamhaus, then they fucked up the config of their new host node, blah, blah, lots of excuses (including flooding in Australia depsite the servers being in Amsterdam/Munich/Kansas, and poor outsourcing).

Anyway, I’ve moved to a UK company now and Email and websites are back online.

Luckily I had backups from a couple of days ago when the old server was briefly online, so I setup a new server and rsync’ed to it, then from that I rsync’ed to a 2nd server, and rsync’ed the differences from home. That meant server1 was online overnight and server2 was online a few hours later.

Funnily enough I’ve got a better resource/price deal than with the old hosts!