It’s been a funny weekend.

I woke up Saturday to find that my server had been terminated, and after some support tickets with my web host (sent to my backup email address!) it seems they had a “problem” and had accidentally deleted everyone’s virtual servers! So they issues me with two new empty servers, which I then had to restore from backups, thankfully I rsync’ed the previous evening. They’d also allocated new IP addresses so I had to update some zone files and get reverse-DNS sorted, luckily I had set my DNS TTL to 15sec, so they instantly propagated. 8 hours later I had both servers back up and working as if nothing had happened, and that day’s emails started coming in.

Next I realised I’d left my mobile SIM card in England, so phoned my carrier and found they would courier me a replacement, so then the search began for someone who would be available to take a signed-for delivery at Sunday lunchtime and mail it to me. Well that never happened for one reason or another (mainly the inability to get anyone to answer their phones on the weekend!) but luckily PP mentioned that I had a free SIM with my recently-purchased Orange San Francisco, so I managed to convince Orange to activate it for me and send me a new PIN, with the promise of topping it up with £50 worth of credit, they also gave me my free £10 topup from the Argos deal. So once again I have a UK mobile phone number with enough credit for a good few calls at 38p/minute including roaming charges!

Mum’s got addicted to Wii Sports tennis, so we were up until 2am playing mixed doubles. I’m now a pro with a score of over 1200 and have played computer players with 1900 scores.

After having a play with Mum’s Kindle3, I’ve decided to get one for myself, not least to take advantage of free 3G internet usage. I tried to read Stephen Fry’s autobiography, The Fry Chronicles using FBReader and Kobo Desktop on my netbook the other night, and it was just too bright, and like on my Android phone it had too much glare in the sun during the day, so not really successful. Of course if I go on holiday anywhere now I’m going to need a rucksack to carry my netbook, Kindle and smartphone alone!

I’ve upgraded the blog to WordPress 3.1.1