The last few days I’ve been using my Kindle 3G for internet access and was shocked at just how many adverts you have on websites these days.

As I use Adblock+ with the Element Hiding Helper for Firefox 4, along with the EasyList and Fanboy filters, I hardly ever see adverts, in fact I thought graphical ads were dead by now lol!

It’s Dad’s 65th birthday today as well as the royal wedding.

I’ve upgraded the blog to WordPress 3.1.2

I also found out that my Android phone is actually a Gen1 OLED device – as it wouldn’t boot with ClockworkMod Recovery, so to move to Cyanogenmod 7.0.2 I’d have to upgrade the radio to Gen2 using either the TPT upgrader, or more likely I’d just go with this build of 7.0.2 Nightly 57 with the radio upgrade and GoogleApps built-in. I’ll probably wait for 7.0.3 now, although I doubt that will be Android 2.3.4 yet, although the Nfc part of the Nexus-S 2.3.4 source has been pulled in (and breaks the build!)

The OLED screen has a better viewing angle, better colours and better battery life, so it was quite a find. It seems most UK Orange San Francisco’s are Gen1 as they come with Android 2.1, but most are TFT these days.

Update: I’ve also recompiled my JtR RPM’s as John the Ripper 1.7.7 has been released, now rather annoyingly with separate and incompatible jumbo-1, omp-des-4 and omp-des-7 patches! Announcement.