I got fed up of waiting for the Cyanogenmod team to merge in the broken slidey keyboard revert so decided to take the plunge and install my own build on my Orange San Francisco smartphone. I did a “repo sync” and checked out the revert from Git then compiled what was essentially a nightly build of CM 7.1.0 RC0 between N71 and N72.

I installed it on my phone and put it up on my server for download, and posted to the MoDaCo forum, and now about 18 hours later I’ve had 222 downloads using a whopping 21Gb of bandwidth – I’m so glad that only works out as about 2% of my monthly allowance and we’re halfway through the month!

I’ve been running it on my phone for those 18 hours and haven’t seen any issues – the libaudio.so and new sensor libs were merged in before N71 and the screen orientation revert I merged in meant that the screen wasn’t stuck in landscape mode.

The only problem I can still see is that the dialler is using sensors all the time and stops the phone going into standby properly, so eats the battery after you’ve made/received a phonecall – intermittently. If they can fix that, then I reckon CM7.1 is ready to go RC1.