Well I’ve almost completely rebuilt my PC trying to fix the crashing bug – PSU, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, cleaning the lot! Turns out its a Fedora bug of some sort as neither Debian Sneeze or Wheezy have the problem, so I’m sticking with Wheezy now.

I’ve ordered a couple of Yate Loon D12SL-12 fans as the one that came with my Corsair H50-1 is whining, I expect the bearings have gone. The radiator was caked in dust on the one side though! I’ve also ordered some screws so I can properly mount the two fans to the radiator, although these are slimline fans so should be thing enough anyway.

Annoyingly my new motherboard has replaced Firewire and eSATA with USB3, although I’ve bought a £2 SATA-to-eSATA bracket, the only machine I have with Firewire for the camcorder is my Mac Mini.

I’m glad to be rid of Gnome3, my productivity is much better with good old Gnome2 and Compiz Fusion. I’ve got everything working in Debian that I had in Fedora other than Seahorse-plugins which I’ve kind of replaced with an alias of:

gpg2 -se -u <sender> -r <recipient1> -r <recipient2> <filename>

The 2.6.39 kernel seems to mess with my audio routing and maybe Compiz, so I’m sticking with 2.6.38 which seems rock solid. UrbanTerror is not as fast for some reason, maybe due to Alsa instead of PulseAudio – it does seem to have crackling audio artifacts and every now and then causes the volume applet to crash. Firefox 5 seems to be no difference to 4 though!

My new Conky screen with radiator/case fans and thermistor/cpu/southbridge temps: